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STATUS: Post-production

SYNOPSIS: Low-level mob enforcer Michael Fitpatrick’s life was simple – nights with the beautiful Emma and days a blend of violence and bailing his heroin addicted genius brother Sean out of trouble. When Emma turns up on the hit list all that changes and the three (Michael, Emma and Sean) find themselves on the run from the mob, lead by mid level dispatcher Dallen McCormick who has called in the deadly and relentless Mr. Gray to clean up the mess.

As the group evades death, Michael presses for the reasons behind Emma’s inclusion on the deadly list, Sean presses for Michael to ditch her and get clear and Emma presses to keep her secrets and get a fresh start. With an election nearing and Senatorial hopeful James Connelly unexpectedly getting involved, all paths converge and an explosion of wills and violence is imminent in Lazarus Rising.


MICHAEL: Late 20’s, early 30’s. Irish, physically fit and can handle himself in a fight. Hit man but looking to go straight, feels lost. Grew up in family with history of violence and battles with knowing he’s done bad things. Wants to be a good person but isn’t built that way.

EMMA: Late 20-30's Attractive, liberal. Was a former political lobbyist to save the environment but quit unexpectedly; strong willed, not afraid to speak her mind with a soft spot for men that are jerks. Emotionally and sexually independent.

CONNELLY: 40’s, good looking politician complete with plastic smile and fake exterior. Hides his rage and self centered need to control everything. Sold out his allegiances to the mob in order to get elected.

SEAN: Late 20’s, early 30’s. Irish, heroin addict. Earned an MBA from Harvard but quit six figure job due to the hypocrisy in the world. Intelligent, self centered and always out to save himself.

DALLEN: 50’s/60’s. Burned out middle man for the mob. Runs a construction business as a front, never been in a gun fight more pushes papers. Business was successful at one time but as it failed her got in deeper and deeper to the mob until he became part of it.

GRAY: Deadliest of assassins, the terminator. Only speaks and moves with a purpose. Called in to clean up messes but adheres to his strict code of conduct. Does not like competition.

ANGELICA: 20’s/30’s, no filter, deadly assassin, violence soothes her. Will tell you to your face what others will say behind your back. Simmering anger that could explode at any time that is both sexy and terrifying.

CASEY: 30’s, perverted hit man, loves to tell stories and be the center of attention. Dangerous.

LIZETTE: 20’s/30’s, aloof, observes the world and remembers everything.

KEVIN: 30’s/40’s, over the top yes man. Bossy, always trying to run the show.

GEOFF: 20’s/30’s, acts without thinking, violent, ADD.

OWEN: Drug dealer, charismatic. You can’t help wanting to be his friend but always a threat of violence in his eyes.

MRS. CONNELLY: Plays the doting politicians wife but is twice as controlling and relentless as her husband. Doesn’t care about his indescretions as long as they keep moving forward politically.

FATHER PARSONS: a Disgraced alcholic priest!


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Robert Miano in The Final Shift
The sole survivors of a secret government program, Alpha and Delta, were tortured, injected, and reprogrammed into killing machines. While Alpha becomes a cold and calculating killer, Delta clings onto her humanity while dealing with the resulting super human powers the experiments rendered her. Hitman Frank Sully is good at what he does, and likes to keep things fast and clean. But when a job goes wrong Frank ends up rescuing theJohn Depew & Vanessa Leigh in The Final Shift beautiful Delta from the clutches of the lab. The unlikely friendship born between the two leads to the formation of the ultimate killing team. But they're not out of the clear. Colonel Maslow, the proprietor of the experiments, will not let his property go without a fight, and a fight is what he finds with Frank and Margot. ~ This is the final version of the movie with some added scenes, color correction, and special effects not shown at the premiere. You have never seen The Final Shift as good as this!

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CO2 SceneCO2 - The Movie

Carbon capture and sequestration... Could it be the silver bullet that saves our planet from a catastrophic climate change? Or might it present risks of its own?

In the new suspense adventure film CO2, a mysterious deadly vapor suffocates a small American coal town. Based on actual events from around the world, CO2 follows a determined group of survivors as they attempt to survive and escape. Recovery continues in and around the
Lake Cavernous State Park area. Candy O'Terry

The time line of events leading up to the incident will be updated as the information becomes available.

The cast of CO2 survivors includes; Grace Shin Im, Jared Starr, Kate Bailey, Aaron Firicano, Jon Nuquist, Rob Slocum, and introducing TJ Horan and Candy O'Terry. (Photo Right)

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27 Down Scene27 DOWN
The film 27 Down is an original mystery thriller. It follows the exploits of a Boston Police detective who gets embroiled in a tense hit-and-run investigation.

The story takes place around Boston locations and in the fictional town of Canada, Maine. Writer/Director of the film, John Depew says, "The film uses a crossword puzzle as a metaphor for predicaments the characters must untangle in their lives.

There are some twists and surprises in the story, with an important clue revealed when the puzzle for 27 Down is solved."

The film's producer, Judy Coleman, says, "We've brought together a talented group of professional actors and crew and for a story John Depew co-wrote with veteran writer Steve Hrehovcik. We're very excited to have Emmy Award winner Adam Starr as our Director of Photography."

The Cast of 27 Down includes; Curt Fennell, Emily Culver, Kyle Andrews, Kate Bilsbury, Curtis Eames, Jessica Erin Sylvia, Ben Delatizky, Brett Leigh, Julia Cook, Leo J. Maloney, Aaron Firicano, Alaina Horigan, Rachael Robiner, Scott Giangrande, Leslie Wagner, William O'Malley, T.J. Horgan, Leila Girard, Andrew Olden, Thom Walters, Brian Downes, and Elise Coulture.

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