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In 2008 Boston based Actor John Depew had this idea for a movie that had been rattling around in his head . He thought about this idea for a long time. Since the idea wouldn’t go away, he decided to take the first steps to make it happen.

Director John Depaw
Director John Depew

John enlisted the help of a writing partner Steve Hrehovcik. Together they wrote the screen play for 27 Down, a feature length film. John was getting ready to start shopping the 27 Down script to film companies. Then his wife Judy Coleman who is an actress, suggested that they produce it themselves. John liked the idea. So they scrapped some plans for expensive vacations that they were planning to take and put the money into starting Wild Beagle productions. There is one more member of the Depew family to get involved. It is their pet beagle named Cassie who became the inspiration for the company name and their logo.
Now that John and Judy had moved from in front of the camera, to behind the camera, they had some hiring to do.

They enlisted the aid of Emmy Award winner cinematographer Adam Starr as Director of Photography. “Adam can do an awful lot with just a little”. Depew says, “Adam understands every aspect of film making and his end product is always very professional.” The cast and crew were hired, and after several months, 27 Down was finally completed. “It was really a product of the efforts of the entire cast and crew” says John Depew.

Producer Judy Coleman
Producer Judy Coleman

After 27 Down was completed John and Judy went right to work on the disaster film Co2 based on a real life danger caused by corporate greed and climate change. Co2 had a larger budget, and was a substantially larger production. It was the first Wild Beagle production to employ substantial special effects created by Adam Starr.

As Wild Beagle productions continued to grow, John started to work with larger and larger budgets. He also tapped Hollywood actors with name recognition to supplement their highly talented pool of local actors. The first of the Hollywood actors to be flown to Boston was Robert Miano.

Miano has appeared in over 200 films and TV series but is best known for his roles in “Donnie Brasco”, “Fast and Furious”, and the TV series “General Hospital”. In the production of The Final Shift, John Depew directed and also co-starred in the film sharing star credits with Robert Miano and actress Vanessa Leigh.
Wild Beagle Production’s latest and biggest production to date is the politico-mob thriller action film “Lazarus Rising” penned by Rufus Chafee. Lazarus Rising stars several well known Hollywood actors including Mike Pfaff (Two Broke Girls, Sons of Anarchy), Adoni Maropis (24), Devon Ogden (Criminal Minds), Lenny Clarke (The John Larroquette Show), C. Thomas Howell (Outsiders, Southland) among others.

Lazarus Rising Winner for Best Action Film 2015It is the first Wild Beagle Production to film many scenes in Los Angeles. The production of Lazarus Rising marked the addition of writer, cinematographer and film editor Spencer Cohen to the permanent staff. Spencer is also the editor of Lazarus Rising.

Lazarus Rising has already won awards in 2 film festivals including “Action Film of The Year 2015” – Action Film Festival, and “Best Feature Film” from the Shawna Shea Film Festival.

2016 will see extensive growth for Wild Beagle Productions. They will expand into the production of TV commercials and Music Videos all while working on the pre-production of their next feature film.

Click on a poster below to view the official trailer for that film.
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